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My Father's mentality, plus other ramblings



I dont understand my Dad's mentality. He had a heart attack late last year, had an opertaion and they said he would ok provided he eats healthily and give up the fags. What haas he done? he drinks everyday and smokes more than ever...he doesnt seem to care. Do you think he has got to the point where he reaalises he is mortal and is going to enjoy life to the full? He doesnt talk to anyone so have no idea what is going on in his mind???

I need a good method of de-stressing. I am looking at selling my downtown apartment, and will probably be moving in the new year, that means I need someone to rent my other house as I plan to come back eventually, its stressful. I am gonna be building a house in creston, bc to flip and moving to Nelson, BC to set up a business, so over the next 6 months to probably 5 years I will be going grey and balding lol.

So if anyone is interested in buying a holiday home that nets a nice income from rental, 1000 sq feet, 2 bed, 2 bath that backs onto the creek and is 1 minute from downtown give me a PM (lol - I can but try)

I think a nice chinese or indian will do the trick, followed by a fair few Stella's

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Your father sounds a little like my mother in law - because of a heart condition she was given 5 years to live in 1996 but, after refusing to listen to the doctor's orders and change her lifestyle, (she still smokes, drinks, eats appallingly) she is still alive today - 11 years later.

Similarly, I had a conversation about this with my father the other week - he is 62 and, considering his family history, is not being very sensible - and he said if he can't drink/smoke/poke... in that order... he may as well be dead anyway.

It's a difficult situation.

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