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In Search of the Ideal Winter?



Well, after my last succesful blog entry *snigger*, I thought i'd just add my thoughts for another.

BTW - We have decided to buy some decking instead :lol:

Anyway, with 'spring' fast approaching, my mind wonders back to the winter of 07/08.

I've read so many comments regarding what has happened, what hasnt happened, whats been a let down and whats been a surprise.

First of all, I think we are often fast in forgetting what has happened. We had a good cold spell in December, and many of us had some snow in November (I think it was many. OK, it didnt last long, but it was snow).

January wasnt brilliant for all the country, but the northern half had quite a few snow showers (didnt they?).

However, like my discussion with MrsL the other night about child birth (Seriously, you'd be amazed by some of our conversations :wallbash: ). For some reason, as a species, we seem to only be able to discuss the negatives, and never the positives. I dont know why, but to be more accurate, it is more probably to do with us as a nation rather then as being human.

But thats another point.

Anyway, it leads me on to why I created this blog quite nicely. Now, I mentioned some time ago, probably in one of my model output discussion rants. But for some reason, its not that we bench mark every winter against the best of the past exactly, but more a case of we seem to expect each winter to be the best theres ever been. 10ft snow drifts. Snow on the ground for weeks. Ongoing sub-zero days.

It seems that anything out of this 'range' is deemed useless, pointless or both. Well time for some reality. Us having a classic winter, every year, has probably about the same chance of Barnsley beating Liverpool. Ok. Not the best example.

But seriously, perhaps we should appreciate what we do get more often, and perhaps one day, we might have a nice (nice being a word I guess not everybody would share) surprise.

Well, I better go and consider what type of decking I want, otherwise MrsL might end up getting us some pink decking tiles :wallbash:


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