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Brucie Bonus - TV Or Holiday



OK, bit naff, but got my bonus last week for 2007. Nowhere near as much as I was hoping for, but hey ho.

So...New TV for the Lounge or a holiday for all three of us?


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How about a nice new zoom lens for Louby ?? :unsure: no? ok, well a tv would last longer.... does that help?

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If I have any change, of course :D

I'm thinking TV, but MrsL is thinking holiday. My bonus, her money :lol:

To be fair though, i'm sure she'd spend any bonus she'd get on me *snigger*

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Oooo...hadnt thought of that.

Have been trying to think of the phrase that MrsL keeps telling...

...Whats mine is mine, and whats yours in mine too :lol:

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I know. MrsL does have a nickname of "wants", so I mustnt seem surprised at her latest request.

Well, we were going to go away to centre parcs for a mid-week, 4 night break (MrsL doesn want to fly with BabyL). Anyway, finding out the prices, i've found a 4* Countryside Spa hotel, for 4 nights B+B for less. Hhhmmmmm....I thinks I hate the words "Prices from"

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Snigger at your peril Mrs Louby...I have actually suggested that too :doh: :lol:

We've now decided to also look at cottages. Cooked breakfast a la hotel sound good, but a minute on the lips and all that :D

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