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The summer, one word to sum it up?



If you have to use one word to sum up your summer (weather wise), what would it be?  

94 members have voted

  1. 1. Select from the list of words below

    • Fantastic
    • Good
    • Reasonable
    • Mediocre
    • Poor
    • Awful

We'd like to know how you viewed this summer, and as a simple and measureable way of summing it up, we thought we'd make a quick poll! Please place your vote!

It appears that we can't allow guests to vote in polls on this system at the moment - sorry about that! But if any guests would like to cast their vote, please just make a comment with the word you would like to vote for and we'll add it to the results :closedeyes:


Recommended Comments

The word I would use isn't in that list, but would probably include a few asterisks.
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Lol, you're probably not alone - but if you had to use one of those words (since this is a family forum!), which would it be?
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It would be intersting to analyse the results by region and see if the West voted worse then the East etc.

Geat, I'm with you on this one!
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I don't agree with all these poor votes, I'd say it's been reasonable from my experience of it. It hasn't been the total deluge of last year, but than we've hardly broken temperature records either! It's just been a very typical British summer, in other words average. Don't forget we had a hot period in May and a very nice sustained period of hot weather in the last 2 weeks of July, so that's alot better than some of the summer's with had in the past!
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For saying this is not the Med, I think this summer has been perfectly reasonable - although I would have liked a few more storms... :rolleyes::)

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total utter rubbish...sorry its been terrible.this August its reminded me of the old Victorian days of doom and gloom...
So bad Im actually looking forward to Winter.Poor and awful
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A poor and disappointing summer - for S.E. England - worse than 2007. Weeks of westerly grot with no thunderstorms and constant windy, dull and humid weather accompanied by bits 'n' pieces of rain is not my idea of a fun summer. I am actually hoping for some sunny anticyclonic weather this autumn just to have a respite from this gutless unproductive Atlantic influence!
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[quote name='Paul' date='1 Sep 2008, 10:30 PM']I don't think it was as bad as last year in this neck of the woods though D42?[/quote]
ok to be honest your right...Its just two after another,,,,But August was dreadful...2 years without a decent summer.....Im glad I dont suffer from depression like I used to long ago....
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I would have to say a reasonable summer. Its not been bad as we've had some good sunshine and warmth within the period.
Disappointing at times, but we've been spoilt in recent years for a comparison.
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[quote name='Geat' date='1 Sep 2008, 11:51 AM']The word I would use isn't in that list, but would probably include a few asterisks.[/quote]

As well the numerous asterisks my one word would be 'Naff' but it isnt on the list
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I think it's been a reasonable summer. We have had some warm days here and there, a few dull and rainy days which I find has been quite normal for August and a couple of Storms thrown in too :) So hasn't been to bad in my opinion.

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I wouldn't go as far as fantastic, but certainly good. No silly hot, humid weather and instead a fair mix like we used to get in the old days. Of course, we did miss out on the flooding in these parts!
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On the whole it's been pretty poor but as we have had several lovely days in amongst the poor I voted mediocre. Last July and Aug were definately wetter and colder. At least this year it's been slightly warmer albeit dull and overcast.
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Up here on the Cromarty - poor, cool,changeable & often breezy - but not as dreadful as 2007. We managed a few BBQs but could never rely on the weather from one part of the day to the other. As in 2007, however, we appear to always miss the heavy rainfall events affecting the other end of the UK, getting cool easterlies off the N sea. Yesterday, for example, we had sunshine.
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Little old me is starting to worry about the 'polar influence' on summer cyclogenesis SW of Greenland. Strange when melt season ends so does the run of depressions and we hit on H.P.

Another big melt and another wet summer and I'll be even more convinced of a link!!!
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