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Found My Way Into My Own Blog....



Well after setting up a blog, having been a member for nearly 3 years and not previously discovered the blogging area I'd thought I'd give it a go. My main browse is Internet Explorer 6 and that does strange things to the text entry box, so having downloaded Firefox I am finally in business.

So who am I, as I have said I have been a member of NW since 2005, when I first joined I was commuting between London and Rotterdam, and now I am commuting between South West France and London.

My family live in France and I am continuing to work in London until I have paid for all the building work that has to be done to convert our farmhouse into a Bed & Breakfast, so a little plug for our business www.aubellefleur.com, which I hope to move over to full time late 2009 early 2010. In the mean time I commute each week from various airports in SW France to various airports across SE England, as do a surprising large number of folk I have become friends with since starting this part of my life 18 months ago.

Well thats a bit of me, now I know how to put things onto my blog no doubt there will be more ramblings to come..




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Welcome. Sounds like a busy old time you must have with all that commuting :o

I would love to go to that area of France, we were going to go camping to Vendee but funds were a bit short this summer.

Look forward to seeing more entries

Kt :)

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