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Will Winter End?!?



My first and probably failed attempt at forecasting!

We have seen some very very impressive snowfall this week in Scotland, a great season for the Scottish Ski Resorts continues, and the signs are its going to remain that way for some time yet.

Tonight we see a Deep LP move in from the South West, which has already hit Portugal, NW Spain and W France and is moving towards us. Luckily, we miss out on the most damaging winds, which are on the southern flank of the LP.
Areas hardest hit will be roughly in a line from the Dorset Coastline to the Wash, at times some very heavy rain and on the South Coast winds gusting to 50-60mph, which may cause a little structural damage in a few places, but more worrying will be the rainfall, in places where river levels are very high, especially in the SE corner. It is a cause for concern and needs to be closely monitored, as in these areas there is a flood risk.
A wet day too for the Midlands, East and South Wales, and probably the rain will extend up to Yorkshire too. For N.England, Scotland and N.Ireland, it will be a dryer day, but later on rain will affect N.England too.
Temperatures will be cold, generally maximum's will be around 6C in the South, around 4C in the North.
There is a risk on ground above 250m or so for something more wintry in nature, perhaps a covering on ground over 300m, especially on Sunday Evening.
The LP clears off on Monday, affecting Eastern areas at first, but leaving dryer and brighter conditions behind. A cold day for the Northern half of Britain, 4C maximums, generally 5-8C in the Southern half of the UK, possibly reaching 10C in the SE corner where the warmer air of the LP has passed through.
Tuesday and Wednesday look dry and bright, a few showers on Western coastal areas (wintry in North West Scotland and The Shetland isles)

Potentially things could get very interesting from Thursday onwards. HP moves westwards and this allows in a much colder NE flow, and with LP not too far away, potentially next week we could see heavy snowfall across a large swathe of the country. More on this in a few days time.....

Winter has no signs of ending for the time being, and the models suggest no Spring weather!


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