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I know I shouldn't be but I am :) We have accepted an offer on our house so I should not feel stressed but I do. Whilst it's really good news, it also forces us to look for a new house. Hubbie is looking at a couple of properties tomorrow and has been on the phone asking about other ones he has seen (bit pricy some of them ;) ) I know it's an exciting time but it's also very worrying. I look forward to leaving my job asap but there are so many things to consider, little fella etc :) Hopefully hubby will have had a bit of a better look around so we can focus our attentions on the best areas :o :D


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Some advice here, although I don't know how useful it will be. My advice is to try to avoid thinking about it too much except when you are in a state where you will be doing something constructive about it.

Of course people have to think about things that have to be done, when organising time and when actually taking steps towards doing it, but most people also spend a lot of time agonising over things while not actually doing anything about them, and that is a big source of stress. Because it is necessary to think about the future to some extent doesn't mean it is necessary to the full extent that most people go to.

A good example of this, for example, is when someone has an exam in 5 days time, and while (say) shopping, spends most of his or her time having trains of negative thought about the upcoming exam, while knowing that you can't really revise and shop at the same time. Many people believe that by thinking about it, they are being constructive, and in a minority of cases this may be true, but often it leads to stress more than anything else.

Such stress can often be reduced by either doing something about it, or not thinking about it until the time arises when you will be doing something about it.

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Thanks for that TWS

I need to concentrate on the next week before worrying about any further

I have a scan on my kidney next week and while it should be ok, there is still a niggle in the back of my head worrying incase it's not. But I suppose there is nothing I can do about it, so I should just wait and see :)

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try not to stress yourself out with the house move Katie. Easier said than done, I know. I went through the same thing with Mini-raven. I was pregnant and trying to find somewhere to live (as I was still living at home with my parents at the time) I really got myself worked up about the whole thing (slow solicitors etc) but it all turned out fine in the end :)

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