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Proud Mum



I know that most of you aren't too bothered about mini-raven's achievements (or what goes on in the land of Raven, come to think of it!!), but thought I would blow her trumpet for her anyway (plus I am bursting with proudness!)She's been at school for just over 2 weeks, and can now read 15 words, and can write some of them on her own. It was lovely to see a positive comment from her teacher in her contact book today letting us know that she has written 'Sat, Fat and Cat' by herself today :o I'm still waiting to see the Billy Blue Hat, Roger Red Hat and Jonny and Jennifer Yellow hat books....! (although I suppose they went out of print in 1983!)As for me.... still no news on my BP readings - but then, it did take 2 months for the hospital to write to me, letting me know I could call them only on that comming thursday (between 1.30-4.45pm) to make an appointment - so I'm not expecting to hear until 2006 :blink:


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Little fella managed to work out in seconds how to print out his picture he had just made at nursery (he had never done it before). Infact he was so good at doing it the teacher had to disable the printing function :rolleyes:

I was really impressed, so you blow your daughter's trumpet big and loud :D

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If we aren't proud of our children's achievements, how will they ever learn to be proud of themselves??

I am possibly one of the world's proudest mums... And proud of it!!

Well done to Mini Raven (and Katie's Little Fella) :)

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Well done mini-Raven! :D

It's also a good sign that one of her first words to spell was cat....they're such wonderful creatures! :lol: :lol: :lol:

And well done to mummy too for being proud of her... :D

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