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Scrooge - The Musical



Occasionally, there are perks to working for the NHS. The first (since I started working there in 1996) was watching 'The Tweenies - LIVE' earlier in the year for £2 per person at Docklands Arena. The 2nd perk in 9 years is watching the preview of 'Scrooge - The Musical' at the London Palladium on the evening of 31st October. £5 a ticket!! (usually £30-ish). So I purchased a ticket for myself and Mr R. (who it just so happens is his birthday on the 31st) So thats his birthday pressie sorted! (well, I will get him something else as well - but let him believe the ticket cost a bomb)!Its got Tommy Steel as the main character of Scrooge (which my mum got excited about - so am assuming he is a star of the 1960's) I didnt have the heart to tell her I had barely heard of him, and have no idea what he has appeared in!


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well enjoy. Tommy steeele is still a great entertainer and should make the show good to see. :)

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You get Perks :blink:

I've yet to see any, apart from getting bumped up the list for Flu Jabs :rolleyes:

Glad to hear you had a good time B)

p.s. What is Milo like in real life? As irritating as he is on TV?

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well, I only get perks because my mum works at the NHS too - her department get told of these offers :rolleyes: and she forwards them on to me (mind you, there has only been 2 in 9 years)

As for Milo - well - the tweenies aren't my cup of tea - I find them all highly irritating (especially Bella) Doodles was there though, so that was a bonus.

Actually, in all seriousness, watching the Tweenies Live wasn't as bad as I expected! :lol:

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Oh good - I'm not the only one who likes the musical film version of Scrooge! I watch it every Christmas as we have it on video!!

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