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Thank Ya Very Much.....

snow raven


......thank ya very much, thats the nicest thing that anyone ever dun for me....

yes, for those of you that have seen the film version of Scrooge that had Albert Finney & Alec Guiness (sp) in will know what tune I am 'singing' (if you can call it that!)

We went to see the stage version of Scrooge - The Musical at the London Palladium last night, and what an excellent show it was. Scrooge was played by Tommy Steele (someone I think the over 50's might remember) and he was pretty good in the role. (even if he did look like Ken Dodd - I think I got dazzled by his teeth at least once)

It had all the songs from the film version, and a few extra, and the special effects (or illusions) were amazing. How they managed to get the ghost of Christmas past to appear and disapear on stage was brilliant and when Tiny Tim sung, it brought a tear to my eye :rolleyes:

The actual opening night (I think) is on the 8th November, and I think its going to be the 'must see' London West End show for the time being. If any of you get the chance to book tickets for a London show, I would recommend that one.

Thankfully Mr Raven enjoyed it as well, as I was worried about that - particulary since it was one of my birthday presents for him!


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Glad you had a good time and enjoyed the show :) I love musicals - but its been a loooong time since I went to one on the West End .... ho hum

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thanks Sue.

We hadnt been to the theatre for years before last night. The last show we saw was Saturday Night Fever. And that was well before Em was born - I think we saw it back in 1998 (ish)

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