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Northerlies do not have to be great snow bringers


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  • Location: Ponteland
  • Location: Ponteland

I was wandering though some very old weather maps the other day and hit upon the month of February 1965 which in my memory was quite a good month for snow lovers only to find as far as the North East was concerned it was a disappointing month. The figures for Tynemouth showed a mean max of 6.2c which is only -0.2c below the norm and the mean minimum was 2.7c which is +0.3c above the norm, sleet or snow fell on 7 days The month was dominated by a large area of high pressure either over or to the North west of the country so stations like Plymouth had a considerably colder month that we in the North.,Plymouth's figures came out as follows-mean maximum was 6.6c which was 1.5c below the average,mean minimum was 1.9c which was minus 1.6c below average,snowfall however was a disappointing 4 days only. The two reporting stations with the highest sleet and snow falling were Eskdalemuir and Watnall both with 9 days each.

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