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Long Range Forecasting Discussion


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  • Location: Stanwell(south side of Heathrow Ap)
  • Weather Preferences: Thunderstorms, squally fronts, snow, frost, very mild if no snow or frost
  • Location: Stanwell(south side of Heathrow Ap)

    The long range forecast being a prediction of synoptic setups further down the line is not easy, usually a lrf is for a whole season consisting of the 3 months, lots of work goes into these forecasts, detailed analysis of much data, this then put together to form a forecast,

    when a forecast goes out it is based on the analysis of data over many weeks if not months and the data checked just before it is launched at the time, sometimes situations can change after a lrf has been issued, this evolving over a short period of time, this is why after a lrf is released then an update becomes necessary, when we take alook at 30 days forecasts these to are updated with model data change.

    please discuss your thoughts.

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