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JANUARY 2016 weather statistics


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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks

    the weather in Cantley, near Doncaster


    A fairly mild month but with a coldish spell 17-21st giving a mean of 2.1C, also a wet month, the wettest January since 2008.


    Mean=8.1 (5.6)

    Avge Min=3.2 (2.7) Lowest overnight=-3.6(21) and warmest overnight=8.8 (24)

    Avge Max= 9.6 (8.1) Highest daytime=14.3 (24), lowest daytime=2.6 (17)


    Rainfall=56.4 mm the wettest January since 2008, with 12.6 mm on 7th being the wettest; 18 days with 0.2 mm or more and 14 with 1.0 mm or more.

    2 days with snow falling but not covering the ground; 4 (11) air frosts and 11 (12) ground frosts. No thunder and 1 day with fog at 0900am (4)

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  • Location: Dorset
  • Weather Preferences: warehamwx.co.uk
  • Location: Dorset

    A mild and very wet month here, a cold blip a third of the way through.


    High: 14.2°C - 31/1/2016
     Low: -5.1°C - 20/1/2016

    Average came in at 7.63°C (my January average: 6.8°C)

    Dew point

    High: 13.6°C - 24/1/2016
     Low: -7.4°C - 20/1/2016


    High: 98% - 17/1/2016
     Low: 48% - 30/1/2016


    High: 1033.7hpa - 16/1/2016
     Low: 976.9hPa - 11/1/2016


    Speed: 29.2mph - 27/1/2016
      Gust: 39.8mph - 26/1/2016


    Days: 25 
    High: 27.9mm - 27/1/2016
    Total: 220mm


    3 days

    56b8b66f176d7_chart(2).thumb.png.fe60bc4  56b8b67494644_chart(3).thumb.png.4277d76  56b8b6790f502_chart(4).thumb.png.cba7e50  56b8b67c8c378_chart(5).thumb.png.ea688bc

    56b8b680ebc1c_chart(6).thumb.png.00ddefd  56b8b689ee9e8_chart(8).thumb.png.4922ab7  56b8b690171e5_chart(7).thumb.png.a5722ba

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  • Location: Ouse Valley, N. Bedfordshire. 48m asl.
  • Location: Ouse Valley, N. Bedfordshire. 48m asl.

    A mild month 1.3C above average. It was rainy but unexceptionally so at 129%. 


    Max temp: 14.3C (24th)

    Average max: 8.1C

    Min temp: -4.6C (19th)

    Average min: 2.5C

    Average temp: 5.4C

    Days of frost: 7

    Total rain: 63.1mm

    Days of above 1mm: 12

    Days of above 5mm: 5

    Days above 10mm: 0

    Rainiest day: 9.5mm (11th)

    Snow: 2-4cm (17th)


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  • Location: Reading
  • Location: Reading

    My statistics for central Reading in January:

    Average maximum: 9.1
    Average minimum: 2.7
    Average for month: 5.9

    Highest maximum: 14.6 (24 January)
    Lowest maximum: 3.5 (17)
    Highest minimum: 9.5 (27)
    Lowest minimum: -6.0 (20)

    Air frosts: 6
    Days with thunder heard: 0
    Days with fog at 9am: 2

    Days with falling snow: 1
    Days with lying snow at 9am: 1

    Rainfall: Reading University recorded 97mm for the month, which is 160% of average.
    Sunshine: Reading University shows around 52 hours for the month, which is about 90% of average.

    On average a wet, rather dull and slightly milder than average month, the third mild and dull month in a row but not as extreme as November and December in either respect.  Unsettled and generally mild early and late in the month with a clear cold spell in the middle producing the lowest temperature recorded here since February 2012, -6.0 on the 20th.  Flurries early on the 17th left just enough snow on the ground at 9am to count as a day with lying snow, but this rapidly turned to rain and disappeared by mid-morning.

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  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania


    January - Hobart, Tasmania

    This was the fifth month in a row to be warmer and drier than average. A record was set for highest mean minimum temperature for January (records began in 1882). Temperature anomalies ( below ) are 1981-2010 comparison.

    Average maximum:  22.5 ( +0.3 )

    Average minimum:  14.4 ( +1.8 ).................previous record 14.0 in 1981

    Rainfall:  40mm ( average 48mm )

    Rain days (+1mm ): 5/from 9

    A significant rain event in Tasmania from the 28th-30th, as tropical moisture from the eastern seaboard fed into a near stationary area of low pressure which formed to the west, and then remained near stationary to the north- north east. A three day cumulative total in the order of 150-300mm in the north and east, tapering off to 30mm in Hobart in the south east. This was the bulk of the cities monthly total. A generally mild to warm and settled month to that point with no extreme heat days ( +35C ). Smoke haze at times from a high number of bushfires burning in western Tasmania, an area which has been spectacularly dry since the beginning of spring.

    Extreme in daily temperature for January ( records since 1882 )

    Highest maximum:  34.4......13th ( record 41.8 in 2013 )

    Lowest maximum;  17.3........2nd ( record 11.1 in 1885 )

    Highest minimum:  17.6.......29th ( record 23.4 in 2013 )

    Lowest minimum:  9.8..........15th ( record 3.3 in 1902 )

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