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December 2017 Statistics


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  • Location: Pollard's Hill, Surrey
  • Location: Pollard's Hill, Surrey

    December 2017 Has Ebbed And Flowed With Cold Snaps, However Though, The Month Will Be Seen As A Time Of Near Normal Temperatures.

    December 2017 Stats:


    Max Temp Avg: 8.53°C

    Min Temp Avg: 3.05°C

    Mean Temp Avg: 5.79°C

    Highest Daytime Max Temp: 14.0°C on the 30th

    Lowest Daytime Max Temp: 2.6°C on the 11th

    Highest Night Min Temp: 9.8°C on the 21st

    Lowest Night Min Temp: -3.0°C on the 12th


    Highest 24 Hours Rainfall: 16.6mm on the 10th

    Total December Rainfall: 65.2mm


    Barometer High 1037mb on the 22nd

    Barometer Low: 972mb on the 10th

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  • Location: Nr Malton, North Yorkshire 53m
  • Weather Preferences: Snow/Thunderstorms
  • Location: Nr Malton, North Yorkshire 53m

    Firby December 2017 Stats:


    Mean Temp: 3.5c (-0.3c)

    Mean Max: 6.1c (-0.1c)

    Mean Min: 0.9c (-0.5c)

    Max Temp: 11.9c (24th)

    Min Temp: -4.8c (10th)

    Lowest Max: 0.8c (9th)

    Highest Min: 9.3c (24th)

    Air Frosts: 14 (140%)


    Rainfall: 45mm (75%)

    Wettest Day: 8.2mm (29th)

    High Rain Rate: 11mm/hr (15th)

    Rain Days: 20

    Dry Days: 11


    Highest: 1034.92 hPa

    Lowest: 978.91 hPa


    Highest Wind Gust: 33 mph

    Average Speed: 4.1mph

    Wind Run: 3268.4 miles


    Snow amount: 3cm

    Days with snow falling: 4

    Days with snow laying: 3


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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks

    A very variable month especially with temperatures, 1 cold spell 8-19 th inclusive,(mean=2.2) balanced out by two shorter mild ones 

    3-7 th with 8.5 and 20-25 th with 9.0 C; slightly above average frosts with snow on 6 days (2), lying 5 mornings, only 1 above 1/2 cover

    Average rainfall total


    Most snow falling, not quantity and days lying, not depth since 2010,

    Most frosts since 2013

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  • Location: Essex Riviera aka Burnham
  • Weather Preferences: 30 Degrees of pure British Celsius
  • Location: Essex Riviera aka Burnham

    Burnham, Essex

    December 2017

    Mean temp: 5.5c (+0.2)

    Ave Max Day: 7.65c

    Ave Min Day: 3.35c

    Rainfall: 54.6mm

    Frosts: 13 (7 Air, 6 ground)

    Snow: 2 days with lying snow (1 patchy, slushy in nature, 1 to a depth of an inch).

    Windiest day: 30th gusting to 39mph westerly.

    Fairly average month overall temperature wise and rainfall but good to see some snowfall on the Essex riviera.


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  • Location: Purley, Surrey - 246 Ft ASL
  • Weather Preferences: January 1987 / July 2006
  • Location: Purley, Surrey - 246 Ft ASL

    A fairly average December in the end though it was wetter than average and had 3 days of snow falling (though nothing really lay).


    Mean 4.6c

    Mean Max 6.9c

    Mean Min 2.2c

    Highest Mean 10.5c (21st)

    Lowest Mean -1.4c (12th)

    Highest Max 12.7c (30th)

    Lowest Max -4.5c (12th)


    Total 100mm

    Highest Day 19mm (26th)


    Overall there were 12 days with an air frost recorded, certainly higher than recent December's. 

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  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania


    December - Hobart, Tasmania

    Second warmest December in 136 years of records, just behind 1994. The mean anomaly was +2.1c compared to 1981-2010 ( figures below ) or +2.4c above 1961-1990. The mean monthly minimum temperature set a new record ( the third month in a row! ), the mean maximum was well up, but a few Decembers have been significantly warmer.

    Average maximum:  22.5 ( +2.1 )

    Average minimum:  13.4 ( +2.0 )

    Rainfall:  101mm ( average 56mm )

    Rain days ( +1mm ):  4/from 10 

    This months special event was a cold wet and windy weekend on the 2nd/3rd with significant settled snow in highland areas, as low as 900m. A strong upper low pressure system developed over southern Australia, with an intense surface low developing off Tasmania's north east coast. 92mm fell in Hobart over three days, with the upper reaches of the mountain switching between settled blizzards and rain. The low weakened moving south eastward and conditions cleared to cool. Another 8mm on the 7th as a weaker low moved southward down Tasmania's east coast. The rest of the month was mild to warm, largely settled and dry but cloudy at times, under high pressure conditions across southern Australia. Onshore winds behind weak Southern Ocean fronts brought just a local shower, with just 1mm all up after the 9th.

    Extremes in daily temperature for December ( records since 1882 ):

    Highest maximum;  32.3.....28th ( record 40.6 in 1897 )

    Lowest maximum:  12.9.....3rd ( record 10.2 in 1964 )

    Highest minimum:  20.0.....28th ( record 23.9 in 1920 )

    Lowest minimum:  8.5.....8th ( record 3.3 in 1906 )

    Historical warmth...third month in a row





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  • Location: Ireland, probably South Tipperary
  • Weather Preferences: Cold, Snow, Windstorms and Thunderstorms
  • Location: Ireland, probably South Tipperary

    Some stats for Newcastle

    Mean: 4.0C
    Mean Max: 6.2C 
    Mean Min: 1.7C

    Highest Mean: 11.3C (24th)
    Highest Max: 13.0C (7th)
    Highest Min: 10.0C (24th)

    Lowest Mean: -2.3C (11th)
    Lowest Max: 0.4C (10th)
    Lowest Min: -5.1C (11th)


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  • Location: Barton on Sea, Hampshire
  • Weather Preferences: Snowy winter, warm/hot summer with the odd storm thrown in
  • Location: Barton on Sea, Hampshire

    Decemeber 2017


    Max Temp: 12.8°C (7th)

    Min Temp: -4.0°C (12th)

    Mean Max: 9.0°C

    Mean Min: 3.2°C

    Air Frosts: 7


    Total: 98.6mm

    Wettest Day: 19.2mm (10th)

    Rain Days: 19

    Dry Days: 12


    Highest: 1037.66mb (2nd)

    Lowest: 974.54mb (10th)


    Days with snow falling: 0

    Days with snow lying: 0

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