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What Happend......



What happend to Chris fawkes prediction of something more like summer in the final week of June? remember we had to keep our fingers crossed..
What nonsense.. DON'T give people who like summer weather false hope. Thats all i can say on the matter. The weather today and Sunday are akind to late October.. Rather than last week of June..


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I take it back... I just got in.. The wind and rain and coldness.. More like the gales we get in January.
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It's called a prediction, and hence is not always correct but is a best guess based on what seems most likely at the time.

It's hardly like forecasters purposely make wrong predictions to get peoples hopes up only for that weather to not happen.. I'd like to see you do better forecasts.
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[i]I predict this summer will be rubbish... And i dont have to keep my fingers crossed. [/i]
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We wil get a couple of Hot weeks towards the end of July IMO. The weather has a strange way of being able to even it's self out , We have had the Wettest April,May and June on record so A Dry August is on the Cards and the MetOffice are leaning towards this to . Except the Crazy Thunderstorms that any heat might set off of Course,. For some reason Northern England got all the press but In Leicester last week the weather caused mayhem including a tornado that caused widespread damage.
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Thanks for you replies... I must admit it may not have been has dry as people would like.. But in recent days its felt warmer..
Which i guess is a good sign...
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I will predict that one year we will get an absolutely great summer - the only problem is that I don't know when it will be.
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Was it not, tropical storm Debby, was likely to reform after leaving Florida, make its way up the NE of USA and sit as a low over Greenland. That looked likely at one stage and the Jet stream then more likely to shift North, which would have brought a more "normal" summer.
A few models predicted that as a possible outcome, so can understand why he saw that as likely.
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