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A place for those in the Southwest and Central Southern England to chat about the weather and their daily lives.
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  2. Started sunny, then clouded over for the earlier part of the afternoon but the sun has come back out again later on. Reached 10.1°C, currently 7.6°C
  3. Can you count up to 5? Five planets to line up in night sky WWW.BBC.CO.UK To spot all five, timing and a clear view of the western horizon will be key.
  4. Cloudy start sun for a bit now full of cloud. I thought notherlies were meant to be clear skies?! What the stained glass window has gone on with the weather!! 4 damn weeks of hardly any sun! I'm doing my nut in
  5. Was down in North Devon most of today, a bit of sun but mostly overcast. Air temp was around 11 degrees and the sea slightly colder! Sun has come out here back in Portishead, a sign of a decent today tomorrow perhaps. Here's hoping.
  6. Yes absolutely hilarious really, clearing at sunset on the first evening since the clock change! Some pretty colours though.
  7. Morning All, a passing shower over Corfe castle just now Meanwhile a cooler night with the low of 5.6°C at: 06:03, currently 8.5°C
  8. So-so day. Fairly bright out but a biting wind meant only short periods sat on the decking. Bright evenings from tomorrow onward, woohoo!
  9. We’ve just had the fastest washing drying day of the year. Put it out at 09.30, was dry before midday! A very gusty morning with plenty of sunshine then a calmer, hazy sunny spells afternoon. The odd brief shower through the day too.
  10. Sunny earlier in the day before it clouded over early this afternoon. Reached 13.6°C, currently 10.3°C
  11. Dry all day , the occasion spot of rain about 15mins ago, but it failed to even dampen the dry ground. Meanwhile in Swanage they caught the rain with a passing shower But Corfe castle remained , like us, dry... A good day for the Gala visitors.

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