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A place for those in the Southwest and Central Southern England to chat about the weather and their daily lives.
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  2. It doesn’t matter what time of year it can be, the weather always manages a dusk clearance! 21.45 in late May is amusing!
  3. @*Stormforce~beka* add this to the list of your things "I must NOT DO" Went swimming yesterday and today I'm stone deaf of one ear. It's making me feel off balance and horrible.
  4. Andy Bown Put it this way Andy, I'm glad I'm stuck in working today. Cloudy, cool and breezy with a fair few showers mixed in.
  5. jtay is it that bad there? In Warminster we had a few hours of heavy rain early (5.30-7.30) and another hour mid morning. However since 10 it’s been dry, breezy and occasionally bright. Definitely not a shocker.
  6. I'm not happy. Went swimming yesterday and today I'm stone deaf of one ear. It's making me feel off balance and horrible.
  7. Stokes Bay sailing club reported 29.97 mph maximum gust this morning and is averaging 26mph, with Tipner reporting 10mph max gust.
  8. Morning All, a wet start to the day as the front crossed. The overnight low of 11.8°C at: 02:26, has climbed to 14.0°C, RH97% and a light breeze from the W with broken clouds at an altitude of 400 ft.
  9. jy Sorry to hear that jy, that sounds awful. Especially as it cut short the holiday that you'd been looking forward to so much. Take it steady and do as you're told, by Mrs jy.
  10. jy Geeze that sounds more like sepsis mate! What a shame and you were looking forward to that holiday too. You must have next to no energy. No wonder you feel so crap mentally. Big Beka hug coming up your way xx
  11. *Stormforce~beka* Came home after 2 days of our holiday,serious chest infection,affected spleen lungs then kidneys.Then other not so nice stuff got a grip,got concerning.Anyway started the long haul back which I'm finding frustrating.
  12. *Stormforce~beka* spells in hospital,now getting two or three referrals a week for xrays and scans ect just need to do what I'm told,never been my strong point,but very important now.
  13. Possibly the slowness of my recovery,I'm impatient at the best of times,together with a raft of follow up appointments,it's to help me I know but I've been like Victor Meldrew all day lol

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