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  • How to quote a part (or all) of someone's post

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    While we trial the new 'reply-to' rather than quote button on the community, you may be wondering how to quote someone's post - so here's the guide:

    It's a simple process, just highlight the text you want to quote and click the 'quote selection' button which appears. 

     Screenshot 2024-01-23 13.01.19.png

    Rather than quoting the entirety of a post, this method gives you the option to quote the part(s) of a post most relevant to your reply. You can do this multiple times within your post, to quote snippets of the same or multiple posts, if you'd like to. 

    If you're on a mobile/tablet, and aren't sure how to select text, please read on:

    On Android - long pressing will select a single word but will then display handles to drag the selection out to wherever you like. 


    On iOS, to select a word, double-tap with one finger. To select a paragraph, triple-tap with one finger. To select a block of text, double-tap and hold the first word in the block, then move the grab points (handles) to select the text you want.

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    Thanks for the explanation.. glad i found this☝️post 

    ...helps to enable reference someones post instead of having to read everything.

    A <snip> quote was better in ye ol days but i guess folk haven't the time or inclination these times (-:

    I'll likely read a post that someones made an effort to selectively quote rather than the @link.  But hey I'm old and i will die soon and the world will have to deal with that 😉




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    So much better as then the whole page is not taken up with a secondary image of the quoted post 

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