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  1. SollyOlly Yes same here, hopefully will be able to mow the lawn again amd clear the flower beds, Also got my seed potatoes to plant out.
  2. Heavy showers rattling through here from the S/W with very blustery winds at times.
  3. A pretty chilly feel to the day here with temp now at 7c in a slack Easterly wind, Range is back on now as only 14c in living room..
  4. Yes been a lovely Spring day here, went a long walk with the dogs this morning up to Stanton Moor via Robin Hoods Stride on the back lanes from my location to the 9 Ladies (lots of tourists..) Then dug and weeded the veg patch after lunch and trimmed some bushes. It's been so nice to have a dry sunny day to lift the spirits.
  5. A wet overcast day here with persistent moderate sometimes light rain. I'm in no rush to get off the sofa nor are the dogs..
  6. Some rather interesting charts will crop up now as above given the SSW that's been well advertised..
  7. A grand day here to, Even fired the mower up just to see if it did..
  8. Let's please move on the what this thread is about, That is Model Output Discussion, Thanks all.
  9. toggerob fingers crossed as we could have some clear nights over the weekend.
  10. I'm wondering why the met dropped there rain warning here. They would of been better off keeping it..
  11. A slow thaw here but still with around 5cm of snow cover it is sleeting currently.
  12. Still snowing here with around 8/10cm, many local roads are impassable without a 4x4 now.
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