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  1. The PIT An old friend of mine tried to commit suicide by putting his head in the oven. . . But, thank the Lord, he didn't realise that methane (natural gas) is essentially harmless.
  2. Snowyowl9 But methane, CH4, also contains carbon. So, what exactly are you on about?
  3. B87 Wasn't 1995 a La Nina summer? PS: I haven't checked!
  4. 78/79 And the local (private) golf course had sprinklers going almost 24/7!
  5. I'm starting to suffer from MSS (Miserable Spring Syndrome), but I don't know what to call it: 1975, 1983,1996 or 2013!
  6. Addicks Fan 1981 I wouldn't be at all surprised if Tams got sick of having her missives unfairly dissected, if not ridiculed; not by you, of course, but by those who should know better.
  7. According to my newspaper, Co. Fermanagh reached 29C yesterday. . . another misprint!
  8. ANYWEATHER, like the modern January -- 12C with a fresh northerly wind?
  9. I've just been perusing the latest Met. Office Ten Day Trend and the BBC's useless app and both look like crap. I've got a feeling that this won't be my last of the summer whines!
  10. I can still remember watching a massive Cb approaching from the north. It must have been April 1962, as Bro was not yet at school. But the thunder, lightning and hail were spectacular just after I got home. Well, when one was only 5, everything seemed spectacular!
  11. danm It's slow, it's painful, Dan. But potential improvements are afoot!
  12. jy Aye, Jy. . . Unlike the NHS, these privatised monopolies set their own budgets. And still, they can't do what they're supposed to.
  13. This week's Deep Dive is a tad more optimistic. I think!
  14. I think I erred, in going out yesterday wearing my Vitamin D shirt, thanks to the mozzies, I've now got horribly itchy lumps on my arms!
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