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  1. The late August bank holiday was nothing special, but it does depend on location. For me, apart from the storms on the Saturday 26th, which felt warm and humid, with the previous few days of hot sunshine early that week, the days following the storms felt kind of chilly.
  2. I’m not going to continue to argue with you. You said black, I say white, let’s call the whole thing off. Or you say black, and I say white, summer 23 was a barrel of dung
  3. Lol it didn’t feel cold as far as you are concerned. Do you ever consider other people didn’t find it warm? Just wondering is all.
  4. Cloud can equal humid, but humid can also feel cold if you are by the sea or under rainy conditions for longer periods. Yeah, but it was a below par month for sunshine where I was.
  5. Stats do tell the fact, but it’s like in winter if the months come out milder average, some people will still feel cold. Likewise a summertime daytime high of 22-24c with cloud and wind will feel much different to 22-24c with sunshine. Yes August was usable, and did improve, but there were quite a few poor days for outdoor activities.
  6. Yes, there was a slight improvement in mid August, but it was still only a handful of days. There were still cool and dull mornings in the last week, after the southeast were hit by thunderstorms on the 26th. Granted, I did enjoy that storm. Mine aren’t wrong. It has nothing to do with people’s perceptions, if what they witness was actually true. I felt cold and it was mostly crappy cloudy weather.
  7. Even though I’m missing it, I’m glad others are making the most of what was in very short supply after late June. Yeah same.
  8. No, it’s not inaccurate. It felt cool windy and was definitely cloudy. An awful period of high summer weather.
  9. If it makes you feel better mate, today is the first day of sunshine and 28c I’m getting since Sunday. Monday until yesterday was dull and humid, with also a cool feeling when the wind kicked in, and some thunderstorms thrown into the mix. Thankfully we didn’t get caught up in the awful floods about 100 miles or further south and west of us. It’s been really bad over this part of the world. Back on the sun lounger now and ready to bake and swim
  10. I think the constant whining in July was way more justified. It was miserable for far longer this summer, compared to any hot spell. My co worker is the same. He’s just a misery lol.
  11. Yes, and then there’s a december like 2010. That could very happen again at some point.
  12. Hmm, not sure I agree. I would take a 2018 summer hands down, if we had a February like 2018, and a December like 2022(the cold frosty part). But, with more evaporation caused by warming of the North Atlantic, surely the end result will be more cloudier and humid summers. The only way to avoid the cloudy humid option is, a dominant easterly flow, but then we have the cold North Sea clag to continue with. Then we end up with a cool cloudy summer scenario.
  13. I keep hearing this. The ‘if this happened in July or August, it would have been 40c’. The issue I have with this statement is, we don’t know for sure a 40c would have been achieved with absolute confidence. Second, it didn’t happen, and we ended up with a very drab period of weather in July and early August. All I wanted was a decent run of days into the mid 20s and a few 30c scattered about. We don’t wish for 35c for period of heat, but a longer period of nice usable sunny warm weather. I personally didn’t find summer 2022 too bad, outside of the 40c day, which even itself was a dry heat. The long hot sunny days of August were very clear and sunny, and it felt like a nice long summer for once. Something we don’t get enough of in this country. Summer 23 was more of a return to the usual miserable and depressing summer weather we have come to know in the last 8 years or so. I think this is probably more of a symptom of climate change moving forward, and we won’t be having more summers like 2018 or 22, but more 2023 and 21s, which really does feel me with dread. If we have bleak winters, to be followed by bleak summers, is it any wonder why people are so depressed in the U.K? There’s a queue in this forum who would love to do that in practice at my front door lol.
  14. I understand the need for support to people who are of poor health. But, the heat alerts are another move towards the nanny state. It’s like we are raising a generation of people now, who can barely leave the house if they hear someone sneeze, or hear it’s going to be blowing a gale of 30 miles per hour, or the current subject matter.
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