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Review Of 2004

Osbourne One-Nil

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  • Location: Nr Appleby in Westmorland
  • Location: Nr Appleby in Westmorland

Despite the huge celebrations here (ALL my friends came) and my consequent hangover (I think someone spiked my hot chocolate) I have spent a few minutes looking at my weather records for last year. If ever you're unsure as to quite how dull I am, perhaps the following statistics will help you decide.


Average temperature: 8.7º

Highest daytime high: 27.0º (August 20th)

Highest nightime min: 17.8º (August 20th)

Lowest daytime high: -0.3º (December 25th)

Lowest nightime min: -9.1º (February 24th)

Days 21º or above: nineteen

Nights of frost: fifty-eight

Nights below -5º: sixteen

Consecutive nights of frost: twelve (February 20th - March 2nd)


Total rainfall: 1206mm

Wettest month: August (210mm)

Highest daily rainfall: 47mm (August 9th)

Consecutive wet days: fourteen (October 11th to October 24th)

Driest spell: nine days (May 11th - May 19th)

Please post yours and make me feel marginally better about myself.

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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks


here in sunny donny

mean 11.2C(9.5C)

absolute max = 30.6C on 8th August

lowest day max = 2.0C on 28th January

absolute min = -4.2C on 20th November

highest night min = 21.0C on 9th August

no of air frosts = 30(53), max in February with 9

no of ground frosts = 47(96), max in December with 14

Days with snow = 8(26), max in January with 4, lying 3(all in January)

Days with rain = 207(160), most in July with 23 days

Days with fog = 8, most with in each = March and August

Days with thunder = 11, most in July with 5

If it makes you feel any better I've been almost sober since about 9.30am this morning, with just a temporary relapse earlier this evening!

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  • Location: Pollard's Hill, Surrey
  • Location: Pollard's Hill, Surrey

Annual Yearly Report (2004) at Pollard's Hill Weather Station, Surrey

Temperatures were above average and the Rainfall above average also

2004 Max Temp Avg: 15.85c (Highest Daytime Max: 30.8c on 8-6-2004)

Yearly Max Temp 1991-2004 Avg: 15.54c (Highest Daytime Max: 36.8c on 10-8-2003)

Warmest Max Temp Year: 2003 - 16.36c

Coldest Max Temp Year: 1996 - 14.41c

2004 Min Temp Avg: 8.23c (Lowest Night Time Min: -3.4c on 27-2-2004)

Yearly Min Temp Avg 1991-2004: 8.01c (Lowest Night Time Min: -8.5c on 7-2-1991)

Warmest Min Temp Year: 2002 - 8.49c

Coldest Min Temp Year: 1996 - 7.06c

2004 Temp Mean Avg: 12.04c

Yearly Mean Temp Avg 1991-2004: 11.77c

Warmest Mean Temp Year: 2002 - 12.25c

Coldest Mean Temp Year: 1996 - 10.73c

2004 Rainfall: 660mm (Highest 24hrs Rainfall: 44mm on 19-8-2004)

Yearly Rainfall Avg 1993-2004: 635.92mm (Highest 24hrs Rainfall: 52mm on 15-9-2000)

Wettest Year: 2000 - 875mm

Dreies Year: 1996 - 433mm

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  • Location: Warminster, Wiltshire
  • Location: Warminster, Wiltshire

2004 statistics from Westbury, Wiltshire

Year average max = 14.25c

Year average min = 7.03c

Mean = 10.65c

Highest = 31c (7th August)

Lowest = -10c (27th February)

Dry days = 153

Precipitation days = 213 (snow,sleet,hail = 31 days)

*Total 366 due to leap year)

Only 3 months (May,June,December) had more dry days than precipitation days!!

This was my first whole year of recordings so I cannot compare the annual stats to any other year.

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  • Location: Exeter, Devon, England
  • Location: Exeter, Devon, England


(Recorded at Leavenheath - Nr Sudbury, South Suffolk at 60m ASL)

Mean Temperature : 10.5C (2003, 10.7C; 2002, 10.8C; 2001, 10.2C)

Maximum Temperature : 30.3C (8th June* *earliest max on record)

Minimum Temperature : -4.5C (29th January)

Wettest Month : 133.2mm (August 2004* *wettest month on record)

Wettest Day : 31.4mm (7th July* *2nd wettest day on record)

Driest Month : 23.0mm (February 2004)

Yearly Rain : 599.0mm (2003, 389.8mm; 2002, 606.4mm; 2001, 598.0mm)


*Wettest Month (previously October 2000 with 125.4mm, now August 2004 with 133.2mm)

*Warmest Night (previously 10th August 2003 with 18.8C, now 9th August 2004 with 19.1C)

*Coldest November Max (previously 23rd November 2001 with 4.4C, now 20th November 2004 with 1.7C)

*Coldest November Min (previously 10th November 2001 with -0.8C, now 21st November 2004 with -3.8C)

Find further stats here.

and 2004

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  • Location: Derbyshire Peak District. 290 mts a.s.l.
  • Weather Preferences: Anything extreme
  • Location: Derbyshire Peak District. 290 mts a.s.l.

Only recently noticed this thread, here are my stat's.

Mean max' 11.8c

Mean min' 6.2c

Highest max' 26.0c June 8th

Lowest max' 0.5c Nov' 19th

Lowest min' -4.7c Jan 29th and Feb' 25th

Highest min' 18.6c Aug' 9th

Total rainfall 1195.3mm

Wettest day 75.1mm Aug' 9th

Rain days 223

Wet days (1.0mm or more ) 156

Sunshine hours 1120.2 hrs

Sunniest day 14.12 hrs May 24th

Air frosts 40

Ground frost 73

Days with thunder 17

Days with hail 23

Days sleet or snow falling 38

Snow lying at 0900 20

Days with fog (at any time) 102

Fog at 0900 47

Days with gales 18

Equal warmest year on record with 2003. Mean minimum was highest on record ( began 1963).

Rainfall was 120% of average but 2000 and 2002 were wetter.

August 9th was the second wettest day on record.


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  • Location: Como - [Italy]
  • Location: Como - [Italy]


(Recorded at Como- North Italy)

Mean Temperature : 13.35°C

Maximum Temperature : 35.2°C

Minimum Temperature : -4.2°C

Wettest Month : 277.2 mm (October)

Wettest Day : 121.8 mm (1st November)

Driest Month : 31.0 mm (June)

Yearly Rain : 1746.5 mm

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  • Location: Derby - 46m (151ft) ASL
  • Location: Derby - 46m (151ft) ASL

Blimey people.

My summary would be:

1) Not enough sunshine - period

2) Summer days were not hot enough

3) Summer nights were too warm

4) Winter was too warm

5) Not enough snow

6) Not enough frost

7) Not enough fog (I Like damp patches)

Anything to do with before summer, because of my medication, I cant remember :unsure:

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