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Rotating Storm over St Neots, Cambs, Monday 22 Sep.


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  • Location: Huntingdon, Cambs. (Formerly from Bristol)
  • Weather Preferences: Thunderstorms, and Snow.
  • Location: Huntingdon, Cambs. (Formerly from Bristol)

    Hi all, while looking from our back-door in Eynesbury at about 14:45 BST, we observed a very strong anti-clockwise rotation over St Neots. Grey cloud was moving away to the north-east, while really heavy dark low-level cloud was racing in from the north. I hadn't seen anything like it here yet! We left the house at 14:55, and saw our one and only IC lightning at 14:57.

    We drove onto Potton Rpad, and parked in a lay-by. We were then treated to a most heavy, squally downpour, which lasted for about 20 minutes. It was lovely.

    Shame there was no lowering under the rotation -- at least there wasn't as far as we could see ;-)

    Bob and Zoe.

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