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Lightning Detector Equip In Usa

Guest Mr_S

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Guest Mr_S

Now ill be quick on writting this so excuse the brief over-view.

Can anyone recommend a website in America that does NOT use paypal but allows over the phone ordering of the handheld Strike Detector (StrikeAlert)

This is specific information that a friend wishes to know as they are'nt to PC Savvy so has no understanding of paypal what so ever.

As much as they've mentioned its for themselves it seems to be a early birthday present from me by the questions and hints they dropped :blush: so i think overseas sending will also need to be looked into.

Either that OR Paul, if you read this.. Do you still do the N-W shop and do you have a way to accept c/cards online without the need for paypal? And if so you got these in stock?

As many links and information on this would be really appreciated.

Regards and thanks in advance,

Mr_S B)

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