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1852: a wet year


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Looking back at 1852, today.

1852 is the 4th wettest year ever recorded for England and Wales with an annual total of 1213.0mm.

CETwise the first 3 and especially the last 3 months of the year were fairly close in their values.

Jan: 4.9 (+2.3)

Feb: 4.7 (+0. :)

Mar: 5.2 (-0.3)

Apr: 8.2 (+0.2)

May: 10.6 (-1.0)

Jun: 13.2 (-1.5)

Jul: 18.7 (+3.0)

Aug: 15.8 (+0.5)

Sep: 12.9 (-0.1)

Oct: 7.8 (-1.9)

Nov: 7.9 (+1.6)

Dec: 7.7 (+3.2)

July 1852 is the 4th warmest ever July record and was the 2nd warmest month ever recorded at the time

December 1852 was the mildest December on record until surpassed by 1934 and 1974.

October was colder than November, one of only 7 occasions

The last 3 months were within 0.2C of each other and it went from a notably cold October to an exceptionally mild December with hardly any change in the CET

1852 started wet with the 2nd wettest January on record at the time (now 11th)

Remarkably in such a wet year, March and April were very dry months

March was the 7th driest ever record (now 12th driest)

April was the 6th driest now (17th driest)

June is the 6th wettest ever recorded

The period August-December was exceptionally wet with each month recording over 100mm and a total of 716.3mm

November 1852 is the wettest ever recorded and the 2nd wettest month ever recorded.

Until 2000, autumn 1852 was the wettest autumn ever recorded.

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