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When September was colder than October, autumn 1807


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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    Today we are looking back at the autumn of 1807, when September was colder than October

    September: 10.5 (-2. :)

    October: 11.4 (+2.0)

    November: 2.9 (-2.6)

    August 1807 had a CET of 16.9 (+1.0) and the drop down to 10.5 for September is the largest ever recorded

    between the two months

    September 1807 is joint coldest on record along with 1674, 1675 and 1694, only two

    instances of September being colder than October, the other year is 1672

    October is joint 28th mildest October on record.

    November is the 3rd coldest November on record.

    The second half of August: 17.5

    The first half of September: 10.8

    The frist half of October: 13.2

    There was a notably cold spell for September from 11th to 20th: 8C

    The second half of November was notably cold: 1.5C

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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    Temps at Plaistow, London for September and October

    1. 69f, 45f 60f, 36f

    2. 70f, 44f 65f, 51f

    3. 72f, 49f 65f, 51f

    4. 69f, 59f 67f, 48f

    5. 72f, 55f 65f, 53f

    6. 62f, 45f 61f, 50f

    7. 68f, 37f 65f, 54f

    8. 59f, 45f 61f, 48f

    9. 66f, 49f 59f, 52f

    10. 55f, 39f 65f, 54f

    11. 58f, 41f 61f, 55f

    12. 61f, 33f 62f, 56f

    13. 54f, 26f 65f, 54f

    14. 58f, 41f 69f, 54f

    15. 59f, 37f 65f, 48f

    16. 58f, 38f 58f, 52f

    17. 57f, 30f 63f, 54f

    18. 54f, 43f 62f, 36f

    19. 61f, 35f 61f, 43f

    20. 59f, 51f 65f, 52f

    21. 61f, 54f 61f, 53f

    22. 60f, 54f 63f, 41f

    23. 61f, 54f 50f, 33f

    24. 66f, 47f 56f, 36f

    25. 63f, 46f 56f, 49f

    26. 66f, 47f 53f, 35f

    27. 66f, 52f 52f, 35f

    28. 60f, 41f 51f, 38f

    29. 61f, 45f 54f, 34f

    30. 59f, 39f 53f, 39f

    31. ---------- 48f, 35f

    September mean temp: 52.3F

    October mean temp: 53.1F

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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    Look at some readings from 1807 that were recorded at York

    The first covering of snow wasn't until 31st January

    Thunderstorms occurred frequently during July and August.

    Coldest September for many years but October was warm. 



    September                                               October

    image.thumb.png.b57e2ad3f922a387778949da54585639.png                         image.thumb.png.579f897cba0fe9548603938aa18937c8.png


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    It almost happened in 1986 with September at 11.3 deg and October 11.0 deg

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