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Severe weather outbreak in South America

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Since Sunday (December 17th) a severe weather outbreak with tornadoes left 16 people dead in the Southern Cone of South America. The death toll so far is 13 in Argentina, 2 in Uruguay and 1 in Brazil.

Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes in Argentina and Uruguay:



Severe thunderstorms in Southen Brazil:


Tornado in Southern Brazil:


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    I take it that this is a little abnormal in so far as normal weather patterns for the time of year over there are concerned? It is interesting to see how the global climate is this current twelve months (our summer and the southern hemisphere's summer) and so 'this' southern summer interests me.

    It'll be soon time to look at antarctic melts too.

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    Severe weather over here is not unusual. Central South America is one of the most tornadic areas in the planet. But this outbreak was impressive. Let's see if El Nino played a role. During El Nino years Southern Brazil and Argentina receive more rain, so more humidity. As the atmosphere gets more water wapor and this is a warm period, strong thunderstorms develop easily. Merry Christmas Gray !!

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