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Snow Report Guidelines!

Ross B

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  • Location: East Renfrewshire 180m asl
  • Location: East Renfrewshire 180m asl

    Hi all,

    As this area will be very busy over the coming few days the team have decided to make the rules a little clearer for this area especialy with so many new members joining us, so welcome to them :)

    The main point is that all off topic posts will be deleted and a PM may or not be sent to the poster depending on the workloads of the team and how busy it is.

    To clarify, any post which is not reporting snow in your location will be deleted. Please no "how deep is it" "post pictures please" etc posts. You can either PM the member who posted or ask them in the general cold spell discussion topics posted in the winter area :)

    There will be some lee-way with this, say a member posts that it's snowing and dont put in their location, then it is ok to ask where they are however once the topic is closed it will be deleted.

    Thats the main point out of the way, another one is please try not to open a new topic if there is already another one open. If you think it is getting to cluttered/ long or just simply out of date then please PM myself or another member of the team. If you just open a new one then we will have more than one topic running and when it is busy will quickly become a mess and hard to follow.

    One last thing, please try to be as accurate as possible when reporting as they will go into the netweather archive and hopefuly show an accurate representation of past weather. Why not have a look over the wintry precipitation terms?

    Thanks all and happy snow reporting ;)

    Any questions then don't hesitate to ask :)

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