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Pacific storm nearly killed me! (Tree Damaged Hire Car)

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  • Location: Vale of York: 14m above mean sea level
  • Location: Vale of York: 14m above mean sea level

    The storm swept through the area on Wednesday 15th November 2006, with winds of more than 100 km/h. 80 mm of rain.

    My Car was damaged on the Sea to Sky Highway B.C South Coast (Canada) by a fallen tree in the storm. Downed trees took out power lines, cutting off power to thousands of homes and closing the highway.

    We where stuck on the road for 2 hours while workers tried to clear the road. Trees had fallen in font and behind us, so there was no way out! The road remained closed for 7 hours while they cleared the damage.

    People where evacuated from their homes, when trees started coming down on their homes and power lines.

    Here is the video taken using IXUS 500: The video was recorded shortly before and after the tree fell. Luckily the tree did not score a direct hit as I dont think we would have survived it.

    And some pictures:





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