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African Flooding - Any statistical evidence to future British winter weather

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  • Location: Hayward’s Heath - home, Brighton/East Grinstead - work.
  • Weather Preferences: Snow and storms
  • Location: Hayward’s Heath - home, Brighton/East Grinstead - work.

Hello and good evening

This is my first post after many years of lurking. I love all aspects of weather but would particularly love a cold snowy winter.

( chionomaniac= manic for snow)!

Can anyone out there let me know if there is/are any trends or correlations regarding a particularly wet September in the central bands of Africa and how this may have a knock on effect to our autumn/winter. Or is there no correlation whatsoever?

Here is hoping for a 1947 or 1963 trend but I somehow doubt it?



Ps I hope this is posted in the correct area. If not Mods please move to appropriate place.

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