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Large diurnal temperature ranges


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Which places on the globe are record holders for having normally very large diurnal temperature ranges (DTR) and during which part of the year?

I'm looking for places with maximal values of the mean DTR (not the DTR from mean maximal tempterature minus mean minimal temperature).

Thank you for your hints.

Best regards MET

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I'd guess some desert somewhere ...

That's also what I would have guessed.

But sorry, from what I found so far no!

After having had a look at various places this seems not to be the case. Places like Erzurum in Turkey (19C) or Ulaanbaator in Mongolia (18C), both have higher ranges around the automn equinox than places in the Sahara or the US deserts.

May be someone here in the forum may know if such places are listed somewhere.

Thanks for the help.

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  • Location: Shrewsbury
  • Location: Shrewsbury

High altitude regions at low latitude seem to do particularly well regarding diurnal range; examples include Charana, Bolivia with an average diurnal range in June (weatherbase figures) of 27C; average high 14C and low -13C; imagine trying to choose the right clothes to pack for a trip there! Even in February (midsummer) it is 17C; 16C to -1C (I notice that average highs hardly vary during the year as you'd expect in the tropics; but lows do- why is this? There can't be many cloudy nights at 4000m+)

For low-level sites (below say 500m) the interior of Australia looks fairly reliable; Marble Bar in Western Australia manages 17C in October and November, and Wave Hill, Northern territory from 16-18C from June through October.

I presume the polar regions fail on this test because of the fact that the sun doesn't rise or set for long periods, whereas in the tropics it goes up and down very quickly leading to these large ranges in places either too high or too far inland to be plagued by tropical humidity and cloudiness.

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