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January 1971


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  • Location: Ponteland
  • Location: Ponteland

    The above January differs little from recent ones in my opinion,however it was still of interest. Light winds on the first 2 days were accompanied by some wintry showers on some coasts,with some freezing fog inland. Fog became more extensive and persistent on the 3rd and 4th and it fell out as snow in some places.Temperatures fell as low as -10c in Kent and Sussex on the morning of the 3rd and maxima did not exceed more than -3c in certain places in central and southern england.

    On the 5th and 6th,fronts crossed from the SW bringing rain to most parts ,preceeded by some snow and freezing rain. Mild SW winds then persisted for several days with rain and drizzle and gales in the west and north. A gust of 85kt was recorded at the Cairngorm ski lift at around midnight of 9th-10th.The 10th was very mild but in parts of the SE there was persistent fog. Temperatures reached 18c in Llandudno and Aber,at that time the highest ever january temperature recorded in the UK.

    The period 12th to 14th was dull with local rain and drizzle. More general rain occured on the 15th as a weak depression crossed england. On the 18th an eastward moving occlusion introduced a wet spell. There was general rain,followed by showers with some snow on the high ground. A deep low moved up the channel on the 20th-21st, with heavy rain at times and gales in the SW. further frontal systems broughr more rain on the 23rd-24th.

    A small polar low moved east across england on the 25th,bringing heavy showers and periods of rain. There were gales in the south and Hartland Point had a gust of 78kt. Whirlwinds were reported from east London and waterspouts off the Isle of Wight. For the next 4 days a complex low covered the British Isles with widespread rain or showers which turned wintry over Scotland. On the last 2 days a depression moved slowly North-eastward from Biscay to the southern North sea and there was prolonged rain and sleet over England and much of Wales,with snow at times, Scotland and Northern Ireland having wintry showers.

    Temperatures were above normal everywhere save for Jersey. The northern half of the country was the mildest with temperatures 1c above normal. Rainfall was above average in the South with some areas there recording up to 150%, the east midland and the Severn valley suffered similarly. Sunshine was near or below normal in most places, however parts of the North East and southern scotland along with north Yorkshire and south Wales had only 50% of the norm.

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