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The Thundersnow Event Of 8th February 1906


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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

On the 8th of February 1906, a vigorous cold front/squall line pushed southeastwards across the UK producing a thundersnow event across many parts. Something similiar to what happened on the 22nd of February 1995 but more intense.

Here are some reports of this event.

Oxford: "The morning was mild with a spring-like west wind. At 1.30pm. there was a dark cloud in the west. At 1.40pm, we had a very heavy clap of thunder with hail. After about 2 minutes, the hail ceased and snow began to fall thick and fast. At 1.45pm, there was a strong flash of lightning closely followed by a crashing peal of thunder which seemed to shake the buildings. Snow fell till 2.10pm and then the weather cleared up. Temperature in the shade was as high as 45F in the morning, but at 2.30pm had gone down to 35.0F"

Norwich: "This afternoon from 1.50 to 2.20 we had a thunderstorm. The lightning were frequent and brilliant and the thunder peals followed almost instantaneously. Much hail accompanied the lightning, followed by heavy snow whitening the ground."

Watford: " A few distant peals of thunder were heard from about 2.25 and at 2.28 came a vivid flash of lightning with almost instantaneous thunder, followed by sleet, snow and hail The storm was over in 7 minutes but snow continued for sometime, leaving the ground white until the following day."

Fulham: "Thunderstorm with lightning and hail from 2.50 to 3.00pm"

Frimley Green: "Thunderstorm, hail and snow from 3 to 3.30pm"

Warlingham: "Sharp thunderstorm at 3pm with abrupt fall of temperature and hail and snow"

Hoo St Mary: "Severe thunderstorm at 3.30pm, with vivid lightning, loud thunder and a gale of wind, with about 2 inches of hail and snow."

Faversham: "Storm of thunder and hail lasting for about an hour in the afternoon. The lightning was purple colour and the hailstones were 0.5 inches in diameter."

Crowborough: "Thunder, lightning and hail at 3.40pm followed by snow."

Hitchin: "Extraordinary thunderstorm with hail and snow. The lightning was very near and incessant."

Great Marlow: "During a NW gale, accompanied by heavy thunder and vivid lightning, five elms and one large withy were blown down."

Pitsford: "About 1pm it became very dark and there was heavy snow with thunder and lightning and strong wind."

Peterborough: "Thunderstorm and hail at 1.15pm"

Cambridge: "Sharp thunderstorm from 1.45 to 2.24pm with hail and snow."

Stretham: Heavy thunderstorm and many trees blown down."

Epping: "Heavy thunderstorm with hail and snow at 3pm."

Clacton: "Sharp thunderstorm with terrific gusts of wind and a deluge of rain and hail followed by snow."

Harwich: "Severe thunderstorm and snow."

Ipswich: "A homestead known as the Valley Farm, between the Bucklesham and Foxhall Roads, caught the full force of what can only be described as a whirlwind...All the chimneys on the house were down, the roof had been stripped and the gable end had been shifted several inches; the roofs of the barn, the stables and other outbuildings were also off; and a belt of trees, numbering about twenty - including oak, ash and poplar - had been brought to the ground, a considerable portion having fallen simultaneously. The hailstones which came down in shoals, were of abnormal size, some being as large as marbles or beans."

Rushmere: "The force of the wind was so great that in two or three minutes about twenty of the finest pines were uprooted and levelled to the ground or snapped in two. Slates from the roof of the house were carried by the wind a distance of 180 feet."

Lowestoft: "Blizzard travelling from NW to SE. Loud thunder and vivid lightning with hail and snow from 2.15 to 2.45pm"

Burgh Castle: "Sudden severe storm of hail with fierce thunder and lightning followed by sleet and later by heavy snow."

Droitwich: "Thunder and about 2 inches of snow."

Blackpool: "6 inches of snow"


From the Times of 9th February


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