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More Snow Fell On London During Nov 1904 Than During The Previous Winter.....


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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    On the 21st of November 1904, a low pressure in the North Sea pulled down a very cold Arctic flow over the UK. There were intense frosts and snowfalls and more snow was reported in this short spell in London than was in the whole of the winter of 1903-04.


    The lowest minimum recorded at Camden Square was -4.4C on the 26th and the lowest maximum was on the 24th with 0.7C A slight snowfall occurred on the 22nd and a heavier snowfall on the 23rd leaving about an inch of snow which lasted on the ground til the 30th.

    Other low minima reported


    -18.0C at Kingussie

    -9.4C at Wick

    -11.1C at Nairn


    -14.4C at Bromsgrove

    -10.6C at Derby


    -14.4C at Bromsgrove

    -14.4C at Winslow

    -11.7C at Ross-on-Wye

    -11.1C at Boston

    -10.6C at Nottingham


    -13.9C at Launceston

    -9.4C at Nottingham


    -13.7C at Braemar


    -14.4C at Appleby


    Lake District: 18 inches

    Derbyshire uplands: 12 inches

    Derbyshire Valleys: 8 inches

    Haltwhistle: 14 inches

    Langholm: 13 inches

    Castle Douglas: 12 inches

    Snowdonia/Radnor Hills: 5 inches

    Cornish peninsula: 3 inches

    Liskeard: 7 inches

    Tavistock: 4 inches

    Birmingham: 3 inches

    Snow cover was generally 1 to 2 inches except for north Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, south Hampshire and many parts of Kent where there was little snow.

    The overall CET was 5.2 but the period 22nd-28th was just -1.3

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