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Jan 1979 The Diary Of A 13 And 3/4 Year Old


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  • Location: Napton on the Hill Warwickshire 500ft
  • Weather Preferences: Snow and heatwave
  • Location: Napton on the Hill Warwickshire 500ft

    All this talk about the good old days , I use to keep a detailed diary back then so thought I would share my weather comments. This 'event' took place in New Malden in Surrey. If you had asked me before I read my diary i would have suggested snow lasted 14 days

    I was 13 then had a interest in the weather and snow men. I see snow stayed on the ground for 36 days ! (although perhaps with a little help from my parents freezer towards the end)

    Jan 1

    Took Nanna home cleared her frozen pathway and frozen guttering. Snow was everywhere I slid outside

    Jan 2

    It did not snow but had been very cold and freezing in the night - 7c

    Jan 3

    Went outside and played football in the snow. Built snowmen from some old coins and buttons for eyes and mouth and one of mums hats. so far not began to melt

    Jan 4

    It is very cold but not snowing here

    Jan 5

    My snowman is staill going strong

    Jan 6

    About 1.30pm dad took a picture of me and my snow man who is still alright. It did not snow today or yesterday.

    Jan 7

    It began to rain the snow is melting

    Jan 8

    My snowman is gradually melting but still there

    Jan 12

    woke 7.40am it snowed over night. cold outside tonight -4c so the weather men say

    Jan 13

    The snow is still on the ground but my snow man is very small re built my snow man. Will put a hat and a scraff on it tomorrow when the snow hardens. It is about 2ft 3 inches high. A good 10 inches higher then my last snowman. But dont forget that the snowman I made on Jan 2 was still about 9 inches high before i began to add to it again.

    Jan 14

    My snowman melted a bit

    Its raining a little

    when outside earlier and put a scarfe and one of my dads old hats on his head, the snowman that is

    Jan 15

    Cloudy and raining my snowman and claires (editors note my younger sister) melted a bit more

    Jan 16

    My snowman has melted a little bit more it is also claires snow man. It is cold but not raining. earlier took my coins in from the snowman

    Jan 17

    It snowed heaviliy today but did not settle because of rain in the morning

    The snow which has not stopped since 11.20am finally is settling

    Tried to put coins in the snowman but they would not stick

    Jan 18

    It has stop snowing because of light rain , hardly any snow left on the ground another very cold night.

    Jan 19

    Went to school at 8.20am and snow very heavily all day , confirmed no school monday because of caretakers strike.

    Had a snow fight. Because of heavy snow fall no rugby

    went into garden and put more snow on my snow man

    Jan 20

    Most of the snow had melted because of rain over night

    Its cold but no snow

    Jan 21 (sunday)

    My snowman has melted a lot more but its not raining

    Jan 22

    My snowman is only 9 inches high not very wide melting all the time. It did not snow or rain today

    Jan 23

    Heavy snow over night, went to school and slid all the way there on the pavement.

    We were sent home 10.40am first time i can remember , few teachers got in

    Came in played in the snow in the garden

    went into garden 4ish and made a huge snowman all by myself about 4ft 1 inch high . it took 1 hr 20 mins to make. got scarf and hat from my now very small other snowman and coins and put them on the new one, which i will call snowman 2 the other one snowman 1

    Jan 24

    Snow still everywhere but not on main roads. It is very cold and a there is a rail strike tomorrow

    Jan 25

    Some snow that turned to rain

    Most of the snow has turned to hard ice

    Jan 26

    It has not snowed today my 4ft odd snow man is 3ft

    Jan 27

    No rain or snow but very cold

    Jan 30

    My snowmen have both melted a little bit more

    Its a cold night but all the snow has melted the rain turned to frozen ice over night

    Jan 31

    My snowmen have melted a few inches more (editors note i might have been adding freezer ice at this time to keep the small snowman alive !)

    Feb 2

    Both my snowmen have melted a lot more

    the one on the pavement the 4 footer is only about 6 inches high

    Feb 5

    Both my snowman have gone. this is the first time this year there is no snow on the ground in our garden a record in my life time surely.

    Editor i do remember trying to keep the snowman alive by moving it and covering it (away from the rain)

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  • Location: Danbury, mid-Essex, 110m asl
  • Location: Danbury, mid-Essex, 110m asl

    haha, my parents tell similar stories about the 'winter of discontent'. less about snowmen and more about having to dig the car out though :lol:

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  • Location: Welwyn Herts 115m ASL
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  • Location: Welwyn Herts 115m ASL

    I just love your diary post.. Thank you.

    ahhhh... childhood memories... brings back happy memories of simple fun in the good ol' days... caretakers strike, railway strike, snow that lasted seemingly for ever and enthusiastic efforts to reconstruct snowmen - happy days...

    Nowadays we get SkyNews and ITV telling us the world is going to end - with schools closing down cos the teachers can't get to work, caretakers can't mend the boiler cos of health and safety and the Wet Office warnings of 5.08cm of snow - maybe!

    Bring on a 1979 event - Cut the lectric, light a candle and enjoy cosying up with friends (-: sure would sort the wheat from the chav

    Just makes me think how fortunate, despite the daily mail, we are today (-;

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  • Location: Bamford, Rochdale
  • Weather Preferences: Summer - Storms Winter - Blizzards
  • Location: Bamford, Rochdale

    I love Diary etries on forums and otehr things, I find ten to facinating or am i just nosey!

    Brings back the older days when i was a wee boy! 25 years ago!

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  • Location: Dundee
  • Weather Preferences: Snow, thunderstorms, gales. All extremes except humidity.
  • Location: Dundee

    I too, enjoy reading weather diaries with or without a personal touch. If there was interest perhaps there could be a thread for specific winters as it may be interesting to compare and contrast the views from different parts of the country and how the weather effected different age groups etc.

    For example I have weather diary for Jan 1979 when I was in my early twenties and living and working outdoors in the Central Highlands which I would be happy to write up if there was such a thread.

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  • Location: South Woodham Ferrers, Essex
  • Weather Preferences: Seasonal
  • Location: South Woodham Ferrers, Essex

    Ooh wow thank you! I am about to turn 30 so my Mum tells me tales of walking from the hospital (I was born on the 16th) with me in her arms to the car knee deep in snow.

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  • Location: Portland, Dorset
  • Weather Preferences: Mixed winters and springs, thundery summers and meditteranean autumns
  • Location: Portland, Dorset

    I was four years old then, so its my earliest recollection of snow. Frightfully icy too, as I just about remember, I did'nt like walking on it at all! :rolleyes::cold:

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  • Location: South Pole
  • Location: South Pole

    Heathrow Airport, Middlesex Jan 1-15 1979


    1st -3/-7

    2nd 2/-6

    3rd 2/-7

    4th 1/-3

    5th 0/-4

    6th 1/-6

    7th 8/-1

    8th 9/6

    9th 7/1

    10th 5/1

    11th 5/-2

    12th 3/-3

    13th 2/-6

    14th 5/-6

    15th 7/2

    Shawbury, Salop. Jan 1-15 1979

    1st 0/-7

    2nd 3/-8

    3rd 0/-11

    4th 1/-5

    5th 0/-7

    6th 0/-8

    7th 11/3

    8th 7/2

    9th 5/-2

    10th 4/1

    11th 4/-2

    12th 2/-7

    13th -3/-11

    14th 2/-8

    15th 5/1

    Linton-on-Ouse, nr York, N Yorks. Jan 1-15 1979


    2nd 0/-17

    3rd -6/-11

    4th -3/-11

    5th -6/-12

    6th NRA

    7th NRA

    8th 7/1

    9th 4/0

    10th 3/0

    11th 3/-5

    12th 2/-6

    13th NRA

    14th NRA

    15th 2/1

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