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Christmas Weather 1806-30


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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    Here are weather reports of Christmas weather from 1806 to 1830 taken by Luke Howard and others from in an around the London area

    1806: SW, Max: 55f, Min: 38f

    "On the 25th, a hedge sparrow's nest was taken at Doveridge, Derbys, with four eggs and near Warrick, a green linnet's with two eggs. Its worthy of remark, that the heat was the same on the 24th Dec as on the 24th of June last, on both those days the thermometer being nearly 60f Athenaeum

    1807: SW, Max 48f, Min: 39f

    1808: NW, Max 30f, Min: 21f

    Small rain, freezing on the ground.

    1809: SW, Max 36f, Min 28f (24th Snow am)

    Var. Max 43f, Min 35f (25th Misty, overcast)

    1810: W, Max 49f, Min 40f

    Wind high all day with rain, frequent lightning in the evening from SE

    1811: NW, Max: 39f, Min 24f

    Clear and a few light cirri

    1812: N. Max 35f, Min 31f

    A very slight fill of snow

    1813: SW, Max 51f, Min 41f

    Drizzly rain at intervals

    1814: NE, Max 33f, Min 30f

    Some snow in the night, followed by a little more in the day.

    1815: SW, Max 36f, Min 21f

    1816: S, Max 48f, Min 35f

    Very fine day

    1817: NE, Max 33f, Min 22f

    Sprinkling of snow, as fine as basket salt

    1818: NE, Max 38f, Min 26f

    1819: NW, Max 34f, Min 21f

    Hoar frost, fair

    1820: NE, Max 32f, Min 27f

    Cloudy, bleak

    1821: NW, Max 41f, Min 28f

    Very fine

    A very deep depression had crossed southern England during the early hours. A pressure reading of 942mb was recorded by a barometer at Tottenham. A barometer at Epping went as low as 938mb

    1822: E, Max 34f, Min 23f

    Cloudy and fine

    1823: SW, Max 49f, Min 39f


    1824: W, Max 54f, Min 32f

    Rainy morning fine afternoon

    1825: SW, Max 56f, Min 43f

    Morning gloomy, drizzly, fine afternoon.

    1826: N, Max: 45f. Min 40f


    1827: NW, Max 48f, Min 42f


    1828: NW, Max 45f, Min 27f


    1829: NE, Max 31f, Min 26f


    It is widely believed it was this white Christmas and the subsequent one that inspired Dickens to develop the classic image we have today of a Dickensian Christmas being snow covered etc

    1830: NW, Max 30f. Min 17f

    Foggy, snow during the evening of Christmas Eve.

    This further cemented the image of the classic Dickensian Christmas


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