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Information About The Uk Met Office Models


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  • Location: Bournemouth
  • Location: Bournemouth

    I posted this a while ago in a Model Discussion thread but seeing as that was buried in about 10 seconds and the question will no doubt come up again, here are some brief details about the Met Office's own model output:

    Essentially, their set up is to have their Unified Model run in three configurations:

    i) Global - out to 144 hours - the output we see

    ii) NAE - North Atlantic and Europe which is a higher resoulution configuration and runs out to 48 hours

    iii) UK - highest resolution configuration and runs out to 36 hours

    The results from each is fed into the next, so the NAE uses the Global output and the UK run uses the NAE output.

    They also have their own ensemble system called MOGREPS, which is run in two configurations - in global resolution configuration and in NAE configuration.

    Info here:


    Info about MOGREPS - 24 ensemble members out to 72 hours for global config and 54 hours for NAE config:


    As for a global super ensemble which someone queried, that's already in a testing phase. The project is called TIGGE and more info can be found here:


    Info from Will Lang at the Met Office describing how ensemble forecasting systems are used by them (very interesting):


    Some info from the Met Office about data assimilation and the problem of irregular timings here:


    It's also worth adding that ECMWF also run MOGREPS in a more long range configuration called MOGREPS-15, which runs out to 15 days and is used in TIGGE (more info)

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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks

    yes I would recommend reading all the links to everyone, best as you have made it, a thread on its own Evo; at least anyone can be directed to it if they ask questions about the Met O modelling - tks for doing it

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