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The Great Paris Flood Of January 1910 With Photos


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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    During the second half of January 1910, the city of Paris was inundated by terrible flooding after the Seine overflowed its banks threatening many of the historic treasures and landmarks of Paris. Many rivers were in flood throughout France because of heavy continuous rain.

    The height of the Seine at the Pont Royal in these years were as followed

    1615: 32ft+

    1802: 30ft

    1876: 26ft

    29th January 1910: 31ft+

    Many of the bridges over the Seine in Paris were shut, the Pont d'Alma remained above water by only a few inches over its central span.

    200,000 people were affected by the floods either by being made homeless or their place of employment was flooded. The Navy armed with boats were deployed to save inhabitants from the flooding. The Metro was completely flooded and two of the famous Parisian railway termini, Gare de Lyon and the Gare D'Orleans were closed effectively cutting off Paris from the rest of France.

    Water invaded many of the famous Parisian buildings, divers had to rescue the archives of the Palais de Justice from under 8ft of water. Troops were deployed with sandbags to save the Louvre from serious damage.#

    The damage done by the flooding ran into millions of francs.

    Here's a website showing remarkable photos of the flooding


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