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Skating From Hythe To Rye For Lunch...


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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    January 1826 was a very cold month with a CET of 0.4

    A report from Canterbury on the 17th of that month

    "The river Medway is frozen over and the navigation is stopped. The merchants have advanced the price of coals six shillings a chaldron.

    The Royal Military Canal being now completely frozen over, numerous parties are daily skating thereon and it is not unusual to take breakfast at Hythe, a luncheon at Rye [about twenty miles glide] and return to Hythe to dinner."

    Other reports

    "The thermometer at the Royal Exchange [London] yesterday stood at 28F at twelve o'clock [13th


    "The river [Thames] is so completely choked up with ice, that the fishing boats, with fish, dare not come higher than Limehouse. Putney Bridge arches are so choked with ice, formed by the ebbing and flowing of the tide to a great height"

    Newcastle: "On Sunday morning last a severe frost set in here and has continued since. A considerable quantity of snow has fallen during the week."

    Sunderland: " The river Wear has been frozen over for the last 4 days to Hilton Ferry, within 4 miles of the time."

    Carlisle: " a smart frost set in here on Monday morning and has continued gradually increasing up to this day in severity. The river Eden more than half frozen over near the bridge."

    Chester: " The frost continued during the last week has been intensely severe and the wind is gentle and blowing almost constantly from the eastward. The thermometer on saturday mornign stood at 17F. On Friday last the temperature in Manchester was as low as 16F"

    Bridgwater: " Our river is so completely froze over, as to impede the navigation; fortunately there is a good supply of coals in the town."

    Temperatures in London

    Max, Min

    1. 47f, 36f

    2. 46f, 28f

    3. 46f, 33f

    4. 36f, 34f

    5. 38f, 33f

    6. 40f, 37f

    7. 38f, 33f

    8. 33f, 25f

    9. 33f, 20f

    10. 32f, 25f

    11. 35f, 18f

    12. 32f, 17f

    13. 33f, 16f

    14. 24f, 10f

    15. 29f, 12f

    16. 30f, 15f

    17. 33f, 22f

    18. 46f, 35f

    19. 45f, 34f

    20. 46f, 39f

    21. 44f, 33f

    22. 42f, 32f

    23. 43f, 33f

    24. 39f, 35f

    25. 34f, 32f

    26. 36f, 24f

    27. 36f, 28f

    28. 39f, 27f

    29. 43f, 28f

    30. 44f, 39f

    31. 45f, 28f

    1st Rainy morning

    2-4th Fine

    5th Snow and sleet

    6-7th Cloudy

    8th Very bleak wind with occasional showers of snow and hail

    9th fine

    10th Overcast, bleak

    11th snow

    12-13th Fine

    14th Foggy

    15-17th Very fine, much rime on trees.

    18th Fine

    19th Cloudy, gentle thaw

    2th cloudy

    21st cloudy, drizzly

    22nd-25th Foggy

    26-30th Fine

    31st overcast

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  • Location: Lochgelly - Highest town in Fife at 150m ASL.
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  • Location: Lochgelly - Highest town in Fife at 150m ASL.

    The Kent area certainly had its share of wild weather late 19th and early 20th century Mr. Data! Have posted a few snippets of interest.

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