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Question About Rainbows?

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  • Location: Swansea (Abertawe) , South Wales, 420ft ASL
  • Weather Preferences: Storms & Snow.
  • Location: Swansea (Abertawe) , South Wales, 420ft ASL

    I saw a rainbow today, and it was very close to me, there wasnt any gold, but my question is...How are most rainbows never close to you (if this makes sense) what are the factors on being close to a rainbow..Is it how the sun is pointing or the intensity of the rain at the time? I've asked the question wrong but in other words what positions a rainbow when it forms?

    E.g. If the rainbow was only 10 feet away from you today...why was it over 500 feet from you the other day and why is it further away?

    I hope you understand the question, its all worded wrong :unknw:

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