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The Heat And Thunderstorms Of 14th April 1869


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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    The 14th of April 1869 was a very warm day with maxima into the mid 20Cs which sparked off notable thunderstorms in a number of areas.

    Maxima reported on the 14th

    Camden Square: 25.6C

    Manchester: 25.8C

    York: 24.4C

    Thunder reports from 14th

    Banbury: Thunderstorm

    Culford: Thunder

    Orleton: Thunder showers

    Wigston: Terrific thunderstorm with hail and rain.

    Derby: Severe thunderstorm

    York: Thunderstorm at 7pm

    North Shields: Thunderstorm and whirlwind of dust

    Dumfries: Thunder

    Hawick: Violent afternoon thunderstorm. Lightning of the forked variety.

    Nookton: Thunder between 1 and 2pm and again between 6 and 7pm

    Ballater: Thunderstorm with hail around 6.30pm

    Aberdeen: Thunder and lightning around 6.30pm

    More detailed reports

    Douglas, Isle of Man: At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the storm had moved immediately over Douglas when crash after crash followed each other with terrific violence. This lasted about half an hour.

    Anglesey: Height of storm from 1 to 2pm and lasting to 4pm. The lightning was remarkably vivid and was followed on several occasions instantaneously by thunder.

    Lytham: A 57 year old man killed by lightning about 4pm

    Preston: A man killed by lightning

    Wolverhampton: Two gaspipes were fused by lightning

    Walsall: Several chimneys damaged by lightning

    Corby near Carlisle: An old oak tree, well known in the neighbourhood as "the boggle tree" was struck by lightning. The electric fluid entered the trunk about 20ft from the ground and tore a strip down to the bottom. Some of the shattered pieces of oak were found nearly 100 yards away.

    Sheffield: Spire of Stannington Church struck by lightning and partially knocked down.

    Todmorden: Three houses struck by lightning

    Pickering: Two killed by lightning when it struck a house.

    Holmfirth: Milking maid left mute as lightning struck a cow she was milking. The cow was killed.

    Hutton: 1.5 inch hailstones fell

    Huntly: Most severe storm since 1846. Lightning flashes were forked and were very vivid , the crashes of thunder being terribly distinct. Several houses were struck

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