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Heat And Thunder Of 11th/12th June 1900

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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

The highest maximum recorded on the 11th of June 1900

London, Camden Square: 90.1F

Boston: 88.0F

Hesley Hall: 88.0F

Kensington: 87.6F

Breadsall Priory: 87.0F

Hitchin: 86.0F

Winslow: 86.0F

Hartley Witney: 85.0F

Manchester: 85.0F

Hull: 84.0F

Bury St Edmunds: 84.0F

Dundee: 75.2F


Thunderstorms with hail broke out in a number of places.

Some reports

Oxford: Thunder and lightning at 7.15pm

Blisworth: Terrific thunderstorm in the evening, 0.84 inches of rain fell in 45 minutes.

Burton: Hailstones weighed six to the lb, the rain was so heavy that the drains could not carry it awy fast enough and several cottages flooded.

Uttoxeter: Thunder and 1.05 inches of rain

Coventry: Heavy thunderstorm

Kibworth: A violent thunderstorm at 2.45pm, 2.27 inches of rain in less than 5 hours. Great floods in the low lands.

Ashby-de-la-Zouch: Terrific hailstorm and 1.73 inches of rain. Every bit of glass about was smashed.

Nottingham: Thunder, lightning and rain at 4.30pm

Bolton: Brilliant lightning in various forms and colour from 9 to 10.30pm with loud thunder.

Meltham: Severe thunderstorms from 4 to 11pm. Very brilliant and frequent lightning as many as 18 flashes per minute.

Knaresborough: Severe thunderstorm

There were further violent thunderstorms on the 12th

Abinger Hall: Severe storm about 8pm and lasting about an hour. Thunder was unusually loud.

Frimley Green: Thunderstorm at 8.30pm

Hungerford: A terrific thunderstorm about 3pm with hurricane winds and rain in torrents. Hailstones as large as pullet's eggs, some weighing 8ozs. Damage to trees and crops.

Culham: Thunderstorm with large and curiously shaped hailstones.

Oxford: Vivid lightning at 10pm

Swerford: Thunderstorm with walnut size hail. The worst storm for area since August 1843 hailstorm.

Geldeston: Severe thunderstorm in evening.

Upton-on-Severn: remarkable hailstorm, the stones as large as shillings.

Chelford: As dark as night at 3pm with violent gusts and 0.55 inches of rain falling in 7 minutes.

Grange-over-Sands: Lightning and thunder

Brampton: Great thunderstorm from 5 to 5.30pm. Much lightning and one continuous roar of thunder.

Drumnadrochit: Violent thunderstorm from 8 to 10pm

Cork: Thunder and lightning.

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