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Windows Screensaver For Personal Weather Stations

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  • Location: Scottish Borders (SE) 150m/492ft
  • Weather Preferences: Lightning, Snow
  • Location: Scottish Borders (SE) 150m/492ft

New for you lucky people....

Having discovered how to create a Windows Screensaver with Visual Basic - I gave it a go...

So please find my new Weather Parser Screensaver at http://www.borderswe...Screensaver.exe


Greenlaw Weather

Weather Display

Refresh: 60

Will decode Weather Display or Cumulus at the moment....

When installed find the screensaver in the usual way in control panel.

Screenshots to follow....

To stop the Screensaver from exiting prematurely when the mouse has been knocked - there is a built in delay requiring a "significant" amount of mouse movement before the screensaver will exit, although clicking should exit immediately, keyboard input is ignored completely for now - as that is another 2-3 days worth of coding.

Oh - if the installer complains that MSVBVM60.DLL is in use - just click Ignore....


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