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Report & Pictures Chase Day 19

Paul Sherman

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  • Location: Leigh On Sea - Essex & Tornado Alley
  • Location: Leigh On Sea - Essex & Tornado Alley

    Started the day in Sonora (Tx) which was bang in the centre of the Slight Risk Zone for today. Had lunch then drifted North East from Junction to Intercept the Storm of the Day near Mason. Followed the Storm through Mason and came across Sporadic Flooding and Wind Damage with downed Tree Limbs. Started to then drift South towards our overnight location of Fredericksburg and another Severe Storm went up in front of us right over the town. Punched through the caore and came across some small hail, some accumalations were found just North of Town. Ended the day with some lovely Mammatus and a nice Mexican Meal.

    Some funnies from today was seeing what looked like a Cat driving a car and a group of 3 dudes driving a Golf Buggy whilst drunk in charge towards a Supercell. This thing was weaving across the Road.

    Some Pics

    Paul S

    post-24-1273986869696_thumb.jpg - Severe Storm over Fredericksburg

    post-24-12739868949816_thumb.jpg - 2 Miles North of Fredericksburg

    post-24-12739870773069_thumb.jpg - Mammatus in the Setting Sun

    post-24-12739871034795_thumb.jpg - Pouches! Lol

    post-24-12739871354377_thumb.jpg - L To R - Arron, Pat And Jo

    post-24-12739871742395_thumb.jpg - Smile for the Camera

    post-24-12739872000024_thumb.jpg - 10 of these as Dave Left the Camera on Continous Shoot

    post-24-12739872432781_thumb.jpg - Lol

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  • Location: SE London
  • Location: SE London

    thanks Paul, was frustrating trying to keep up as the stream was not too good overnight.. hey ho.. at least when it is ok the view is great :unknw:

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