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Thunderstorm , July, 7, 2010. In Mountains Of Oman

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  • Location: north of Oman
  • Location: north of Oman

    yestarday at the afternoon , thunderstorm was hitting some area from mountains of Oman , where it was hitting Izki town , where avioed from my town 40 km south away

    I have about 30 pics for this storm , but it not for me .

    post-10080-042015500 1278564728_thumb.jp post-10080-009933200 1278564780_thumb.jp post-10080-059530200 1278564800_thumb.jp post-10080-046824800 1278564812_thumb.jp post-10080-007855900 1278564838_thumb.jp post-10080-006187900 1278564854_thumb.jp post-10080-070652500 1278564869_thumb.jp post-10080-069347300 1278564888_thumb.jp post-10080-016900800 1278564919_thumb.jp post-10080-005717700 1278564933_thumb.jp post-10080-079780600 1278564950_thumb.jp post-10080-078068300 1278564971_thumb.jp post-10080-077085900 1278564986_thumb.jp post-10080-030995800 1278565007_thumb.jp post-10080-046561700 1278565034_thumb.jp post-10080-004393700 1278565062_thumb.jp post-10080-038086200 1278565091_thumb.jp post-10080-052245000 1278565137_thumb.jp post-10080-030908000 1278565155_thumb.jp post-10080-075803800 1278565174_thumb.jp post-10080-004545900 1278565197_thumb.jp post-10080-037643200 1278565217_thumb.jp post-10080-038756400 1278565237_thumb.jp post-10080-027861100 1278565258_thumb.jp

    post-10080-017252900 1278565115_thumb.jp

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