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Polar Vortex


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  • Location: iow england
  • Location: iow england

    The PV has always intreged me. I understand how LP systems are formed, but the PV seems to be a permanent feature like the Azores high. unlike the the Azores high, however, witch forms because of decending air from the equator, the PV iis a mysterey to me. How is it formed? When it moves south and effecte are weather, it seem to me that HP over Scandy quite often developes, is this because of WAA on it eastern side? Does another vortex form when one moves south towards us? if so are Powlar low just a series of PV forming in the Artic air? It seems a strange beast to me.

    A lot of supid questions and some very bad spelling, Im sorry for that. A link pointing me in the right direction will probably be enough to satify my cureocity, many thanks Pete (IOW)

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