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Well guys, have travelled over 500 miles North today and am currently 40 miles S of Sioux City in NE Nebraska. There are signs of a few storms to my West in the vicinity of a cold front/ dryline. There is a warm front to my NE - so there should be, it is currently 94f here and it's 7.45pm! IN fact the temps have risen from around 89f during the last 2 hours. In addition, the dewpoint going in the right direction, managed 58f today but that is still nothing to the high 60's and mid 70's of last year.

Things are looking up for tomorrow. A cold front due to sink S and become stationary along the Nebraska/ Kansas border. This will become a focus for severe storm development. This time tomorrow, I should see something exciting.

Sorry that is all for now. Will report back if any storms head my way this evening.

LOCATION: 40 miles S of Sioux City, NE Nebraska.

TOTAL MILES: 1100 miles approx.

DRIVE TIME: 16 Hours.

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