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Heading S on the 281 towards Kansas. Are again behind the DOW’s today so I guess we are headed in the right direction. We will be heading out in front of the cold front expected to be near NE/ KS border. Skies currently 100% overcast with light drizzle. Temp a cool 60F and DP at 55F – we are under the front. We are also the vehicle behind one of the DOW’s!

Now a bit of Storm Chaser Ethics – is it OK to follow the DOW’s? They must have the most up to date data out there.


Still heading S on 281 now in Smith County in N KS. Still dead behind the DOW. Skies look like they are clearing ahead. Temp still cool at 67F and DP now 57F; both of these attributes should start to rocket up very shortly. Skies still overcast.


In 15 minutes, the DP has risen 6F to 63F, temp also rising nicely, now stands at 72F.


Temp 81F and DP at 65F – very nice conditions now. Still heading S on the 281 with the DOW’s. Skies partly cloudy but with convection starting to initiate.


DP is now 67F with a temp of 84F. There are a few towers stating to develop.


Some cells have started to develop out to our SW at the moment and we are now heading W on the I70. A nice new cell dead ahead. Temp 85F and DP 69F – very ripe conditions for a tornado! A Tornado Watch has also been issued for this area. About to enter Russell County.


In Russell County, C KS. Heavy rain started to fall. Still heading W on the I70 to intercept updraft region of a storm further out to the West. DP’s holding steady at 69F.


Now pulled over on the 183 just S of Hays in Ellis County. It looks like the DOW are about to deploy their radar.


The storm we were watching has just been severe warned. It is moving E at 20mph and is currently over Russell County.


A Severe Thunderstorm warning has now been issued for Ness County. We continue N on the 183. We are now positioned between the two DOW’s. TORNADO WARNING on the storm we are heading towards – a trained spotter has spotted a rotating wall cloud. This is for Russell County at 18:38. The DOW has the radar rotating and scanning the storm in front of us. The storms are moving E at 15mph.


Another warning just come in – the Tornado Warning for Russell County continues. We decide to leave the DOW’s which are only moving at 60mph to try and intercept this storm.


Speeding at 100mph due E on the I70 to intercept the storm – a funnel cloud has been reported by NWS Weather Radio. A funnel cloud is apparently over the city of Russell, we are about 8 miles SSW of Russell City. Wall cloud has been spotted.


Just headed back out onto the I70 after going through Russell. Moving E and we can see the updraft region quite clearly up again. NWS radio reporting a developing tornado – we should be able to see it if it develops. We now seem to be entering a region of major wind and rain – cannot see a thing, the sky is black. If there is a tornado it will be rain wrapped.


On the I70 watching a major wall cloud type feature. NWS radio states this storm contains a developing tornado – but where is it?


Been watching this storm for some time. Had an impressive wallcloud and rotation earlier but it has so far failed to produce. Occasional very large rain drops and hail at times. Still heading E on the I70.


It’s clear that this storm has now died a quick death which is very frustrating. Currently at Exit 216 on the I70 filling up with some more gas.


Now heading back W on the I70 to junction 209 to drop South. There is another strong and developing storm to our SW which is worth investigating. Will hopefully meet up with James Banham’s team when we get there. Soon clear this storm will not do anything much. Heading to Selina now where we will stop for the night.


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