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  • Location: Stanwell(south side of Heathrow Ap)
  • Weather Preferences: Thunderstorms, squally fronts, snow, frost, very mild if no snow or frost
  • Location: Stanwell(south side of Heathrow Ap)

    Last year we had this thread started on august 31st, so i thought its time to launch it for 2011/12!


    So its time now to watch nature and to see if any signs of winter weather are being shown.

    last year we had a warm period in early October, this was enough to bring out some butterfly's, wasps and bees, also around the same time pears were still going strong, and right now we have good apple and pear trees, some large pears, but are these to be there at start of October? it would be interesting to see them there like last year lasting well into next month.

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