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  • Location: Mostly Watford but 3 months of the year at Capestang 34310, France
  • Weather Preferences: Continental type climate with lots of sunshine with occasional storm
  • Location: Mostly Watford but 3 months of the year at Capestang 34310, France

    Our son has a time share which includes a hotel lodge complex at Belton Woods just north of Grantham.


    This year he was unable to attend, nor had he been able to sell his allotment so last weekend he telephoned us and asked if we would like to take up his allotment for this past week, something by way of a present for father's day, I believe. 


    We stayed in a lodge equipped with 3 double bedrooms, 3 en suites, a jacuzzi and a sauna with a balcony overlooking the golf course


    Unfortunately we were not able to take up the full allotment due to commitments, but were able to spend 3 days there. 


    It was nice to reacquaint myself with the relatively uncluttered roads of Lincolnshire (I lived in the north of the county during most of my teenage years) and enjoy the drive and the countryside rather than do battle with all the other road users we get down here. 


    On the first day was a visit to an aircraft museum near Cranwell  where I enjoyed myself with a flight simulator trying to land a jet Provost but kept landing on the grass before I could get to the runway. I am sure it is something to do with watching on a 2D screen whereas in real life we have 3D vision - well that's my excuse anyway. 


    The following day we visited the big house at Belton, first seeing the servants quarters downstairs then upstairs to see how the toffs use to live.


    On the final day we went to a nearby garden centre where we had an excellent lunch for the price we paid al fresco.


    Our weather was some of the best we have experienced this year.


    Thanks son, your mother and I enjoyed it immensely.

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