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Options for a "minimalist" weather station

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Several years ago I had a weather station (a WS-3600). It had all the usual sensors outside, with an RF connection to the head unit in my hallway. I bought a long serial cable which linked the head unit to a Windows PC, which was left on 24/7. I bought a Weather Display license and amongst other things I used Weather Display to periodically upload graphs etc. to my web server, where they were published as pages on my web site.


Over time, I lost interest somewhat, some of the sensors stopped working, the head unit stopped. Things basically needed my attention and I wasn't prepared to spend the time to sort it. Aside from issues with the weather station, nowadays there is no longer a PC to do the donkey work.


Today, my interest is being rekindled somewhat, plus I'm fortunate to have a little bit of spare cash. I'd quite like to recreate the results of what I had previously, but on a more minimalist scale. I'd be looking to have

  • various sensors on the outside of my property
  • a head unit once again, that I can again mount in the hallway to see the current weather
  • some means of publishing this data, ultimately, to "the internet" (in particular, ultimately to my web server, the same as before), but....
  • I don't want a PC involved. This is mainly due to size/noise constraints (not to mention not wanting to bo out and buy one!). I'm not totally averse to buying new hardware however, so one of those new cigarette-box-sized android devices, for example, or a Raspberry Pi, might be an option. If I did use such a box, the house is bathed in Wifi so there is definitely a route out onto the web as long as the box was wifi-enabled.


I guess the reason for my question is that I have lost touch with weather station technology, and have no idea whether I can achieve what I'm looking for. Does anyone maybe have any advice for me?




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